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I’ve really enjoyed the relationships I have built in the Network, and I rely on my recruiting friends for support and counsel when I encounter challenging issues. The benefits go way beyond the financial. I have a team of TE recruiters who support me in different ways. It might be posting my roles, sharing industry trends, or just getting together and having fun.

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Kerry B.

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Speaking of recruiting software for making more placements, Top Echelon’s recruiting database includes important information that the recruiters in your agency could use to make more placements, including:

Recruiting Database of Over 6 Million Resumes

Candidate Sourcing Tool with over six (6) million resumes

Split Jobs Database of over 3,000 open job orders

Recruiter database of more than 500 agencies

The Top Echelon Network is committed to helping recruiters deliver the best talent to their clients in the shortest amount of time possible. As a member of our recruiter network, you can tap into the candidate sourcing, client connections and expertise of recruiters located in the United States and Canada. 

Top Echelon recruiters make placements in nearly every major industry, including the following:

Extra Placements in Nearly All Industries


Information Technology

Sales & Marketing


Recruiters can earn tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars extra every year. This is revenue they would NOT have made otherwise if not for their Network membership. That’s because members share job orders and candidates for the purpose of making split placements. Specifically, Top Echelon Network membership gives you access to:

Make More Money With Network Membership

500 recruiting agencies

3,500 open job orders

Six (6) million top candidates

I think this is one of the best things I’ve ever done as a business person. I have met some really good people. [Membership] has freed me up to do what I enjoy and utilize my strength in creating more openings, as I don’t spend time recruiting candidates and don’t have to hire researchers.

Personnel Resources

Keith C.

It has been a great ride with TE throughout the years. I have greatly enjoyed the partnerships, camaraderie, stories, and all-around great people that can be found in the Network!

Job Careers

Michael S.

Time-saving workflows, including an Alerts system for both jobs and candidates